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Orchestral Tools New Library: TIME MACRO


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This sounds very inspiring and I’m excited to hear and learn more.
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I'm not quite sure I understand the concept. Is this a phrase-based library? If yes, does it have MIDI export capabilities? Puzzled and looking forward for more info.


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Very very beautiful sounds....
Oh my......
Very ark3 ish.......
Orchestral T.......extures... Can't wait to hear the choir in this library....
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Also the Arks have very specific marketing related to them. This doesn't look like it.
I'd love to see an EVO like product with the OT sound... :thumbsup:


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Seems kinda clear that this is a “rhythmic textures” library with lots of repeating shorts and swells that possibly oscillate from one tone/note to another.

I could be wrong, but if feels like Spitfire’s Orchestral Swarm meets Heavyocity’s Rhythmic Textures with a bit of Ark 3.

The only tease here is the date and price. I’m guessing intro price of 299€ if you own something else of significance or 349€ if you don’t, with an eventual regular price of 549€.


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It seems to sound nice, and it *could* be really useful. I am sure of only one thing: the price will make me roll my eyes.
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