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I would assume a sample drive sees less writes than any os drive, even if you save a new mix almost every day. I think my OS SSD that I now switched with my sample SSD had 17 TB lifetime writes after a couple years of use.
Your comment made me curious...my OS SSD had 14TB lifetime writes after 3 years. My oldest sample SSD had 1.7TB after 6 years.
You´d need one mix per day for 3 years straight to write the same 1.7TB. Seems reasonable until all OT libraries are Sine compatible:shocked:

Simon Ravn

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This sounds f*cking amazing! Congrats guys! If the player works flawlessly (as I consider Kontakt does) and the programming is as good as the usual OT standard, this could be the new standard in brass libraries.


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Most common number is 6 for the loudest ones...i´ve done some BTyler gigs and he usually goes for 5 or 6 horns. 12horns is the equivalent of having lots of outboard gear in your studio to impress the braindead producers. To me it´s a gimmick and adds nothing but tinnitus to the equation.
I'm not sure why people keep responding to this, I was making the point because someone tried to say berlin brass "isn't for film score" - which I think is perpetuated by the very skewed notion that 12 horns "is" a film score sound, despite being quite rare in reality.

I agree that 6 is pretty standard, makes triads a breeze.

personally I'm excited to finally have 6/3/3btb/1 as an option, although a solo bass bone and cimbasso are sorely missed. ( a la carte?? )


For articulation switching is it possible to setup multiple conditions?

For example: having all the shorts on one keyswitch and using cc1 to control the short type (0-60 is staccatissimo, 61-127 is staccato).


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This does look really good and I like the idea that you can buy parts from different libraries instead of having to purchase the whole thing at once.

However, I'm still awaiting a sale on the Inspires to get me into their products then I might look at buying parts from other libraries through this new store if need be. unfortunately I missed their recent NI sale on the inspires.


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12horns is the equivalent of having lots of outboard gear in your studio to impress the braindead producers. To me it´s a gimmick and adds nothing but tinnitus to the equation.
Playing the a12 patch feels quite different to playing the a6. It's a bit like having more oscillators on a synth.. the sound becomes wider. I especially enjoy the lower dynamics on these bigger sections. ;)


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THE WALKTHROUGH HAS ARRIVED!!! Although some of you guys already noticed...

The first Junkie XL Brass WALKTHROUGH is live and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

This Walkthrough delves into the mic positions, mic mixes (including some by Tom and Alan Meyerson), and you can really hear the 5 dynamic layers.

And remember, Pre Order includes access to a live masterclass with Junkie XL himself, teaching you how to fully utilize this next generation brass library.

More walkthrough videos coming soon!

Ok, please accept my money... Pre-ordered!


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It seems that piecemeal downloading (and purchasing) is a feature of the Sine player. If I am managing SSD space, can I delete microphone positions I decide I don't need and redownload them any time later when I do need them (even years later)? Thanks!


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Right on the fence on this, only because I've spent so much last month. Sounds amazing though.

Do those trumpets go super flat in the walkthrough around 6:50??
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I would rather say BB is for orchestral and most film scores, JXL is for very-big-film scores.
One big difference is the lack of Solo Bass Trombone in JXL Brass, meaning it's not at all for the common (normal budget) orchestrations, so for me sadly it's not an universal library as advertised.
I’m curious where it was advertised as universal? Since it has Junkie XL’s name on it I always thought of it as a specialty library much like HZ strings and HZ percussion. Not that you can’t use any library for whatever you want.
From the first post by Orchestral Tools

“The Junkie XL Brass Pre-Order Special will be available until the release of the collection, December 16. The normal price will be 749€ + VAT.”