Orchestral Tools: Junkie XL Brass—new update for solo horn and horn sections available


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We are proud to announce that Orchestral Tools has teamed up with A-list Hollywood composer Tom Holkenborg to create an outstanding new brass library – Junkie XL Brass.

Revealed in January of this year at the Orchestral Tools special event at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, Junkie XL Brass is now available for pre-order.

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Aimed at professional and non-professional music creator users alike, Junkie XL Brass offers a full orchestral brass set-up in a single package, recorded with a highly consistent set of articulations for all instruments and sections. As with previous Orchestral Tools collections, Junkie XL Brass was recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, a distinctively balanced 450 m² hall with sublime acoustics and the finest microphones from the last five decades.

Classic brass instruments – trumpets, French horns, trombones, cimbassi and a tuba – were sampled in many different section sizes to provide maximum depth and versatility, with a dynamic range going from whisper-quiet pianissimo to thunderously loud fortissimo, and including a total of 16 microphone positions.

Exclusive Pre-Order Special Masterclass
All Pre-order customers will receive an exclusive online „Junkie XL Brass Masterclass“ where Tom himself, live and in real time, will give a hands-on tutorial on how to get the most from this brass collection, as well as some special tips and tricks. Tom will show you how to use this unique tool to its full potential, helping you to take your compositions to that next level.

Tom Holkenborg is widely regarded as one of Hollywood’s most innovative film composers, a multi-billion box office presence, who fuses natural musicality with a mastery of cutting-edge studio techniques.
“I am a perfectionist in the studio, and was determined to bring that level of attention and detail to my first sample library,” said Holkenborg. “I want this pack to inspire my fellow composers, at whatever level they may be working, and give them access to the best possible product that I could make.”

Junkie XL Brass - Highlights
  • Product concept by Tom Holkenborg
  • Full orchestral brass setup
  • Trumpets - Horns - Trombones - Cimbassi - Tuba
  • Recorded solo and in different section sizes to provide maximum depth and versatility
  • Highly consistent set of articulations for all instruments
  • Smooth dynamic crossfading thanks to five recorded dynamic layers for each instrument
  • Dynamic range going from whisper-quiet pianissimo to thunderously loud fortissimo
  • 16 microphone positions - unprocessed and production ready mixes by Alan Meyerson
  • Full brass patch for sketching ideas

Mic Merging & Download Customization
Junkie XL Brass offers a total of 16 microphone positions ranging from unprocessed to production-ready mixes by renowned movie scoring mixer Alan Meyerson. The highly innovative Mic Merging feature allows you to save on resources: simply create your custom mic mix and save it as a single position.
If your disk space is limited, you can customize your download by selecting the mic positions you need – alternatively, you can download them all and see which ones work best with your ideas.


The Junkie XL Brass Pre-Order Special will be available until the release of the collection, December 16. The normal price will be 749€ + VAT.

Find all information about Junkie XL Brass on jxlbrass.com
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If they migrate away from Kontakt they are making the same big mistake as Spitfire and will definitely hurt them...
OT already said they will keep offering a version of all libraries for Kontakt too.

Besides the unique features of their new sampler. OT is offering you to buy single instruments from any Library they have, so basically you can build your own personal library without buying unnecessary instruments you don't even need. Thats not possible with Kontakt, they needed to create their own ecosystem.

So its not really comparable with the move from Spitfire with HZ Strings (e.g.)
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Audiobro Modern scoring brass price probably just came down a bit. Berlin Brass has some strong points but seems they know how to do better. It'll be interesting to see what JunkieXL Brass sounds like.

JunkieXL was probably just planning on paying them several hundred thousand to do him a private library and they decided on this route. With their new player (that undoubtedly costs a lot, around $3M I'd say), the investment by Tom was probably welcome!


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that undoubtedly costs a lot, around $3M I'd say
Whoa. I can't imagine it would cost that much, but I know zero about development costs. If so, they need to make that back somehow, which likely means exorbitant prices will continue indefinitely.


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I really would like to know more, that's REALLY interesting, but I am also waiting for Audiobro brass library, so... ;)