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Orchestral Tools "groundbreaking" announcements


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Case in point: I was afraid EWC was going to be a huge drain on memory without Kontakt's ability to purge samples, but I am finding it to be surprisingly light, which suggests to me that Spitfire must be doing some things under the hood to manage RAM usage that Kontakt doesn't.
My computer doesn't even meet the minimum system requirements listed for the Spitfire player, and the choir runs like a dream.


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I like my iLok - I pay $30 a year for insurance, which is so much cheaper than VSL's. And it covers all the companies, not one. What I don't like is having to have multiple dongles because everyone has to have their own. I have 4 right now.


iLok needn’t be all bad. Some devs such as Eventide allow multiple activations, including software ones.

(Realise this is all wild speculation at this point).
Of course. But I'm not speculating when I say that an iLok requirement on the OT player (as unlikely I as think that is) would be a showstopper for me.

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I haven't seen this mentioned yet, but one of the big advantages of Kontakt, for me at least, is the ability to have everything easily accessible through quick-load. If a library isn't hosted in my quick-load, there's a decent chance I'll forget that I even have it.

sorry if it's been asked before but when is the new website going to be online?
I don't remember them specifying when, other than saying 2019.
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