Orchestral Tools "groundbreaking" announcements

Discussion in 'SAMPLE Talk' started by zolhof, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Jeremy Gillam

    Jeremy Gillam Active Member

    Jun 10, 2017
    Los Angeles, California
    The auditorium was about half full — my guess would be about 1500 based on 3000 seat capacity. Tom Holkenborg hung out for a long time afterwards chatting and taking pictures which I thought was very cool of him.
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  2. Geoff Grace

    Geoff Grace Senior Member

    Apr 15, 2009
  3. Alex Niedt

    Alex Niedt Active Member

    Jun 4, 2018
    Los Angeles
    This was about ten minutes before it started, and the front half of the theater was pretty full. Whole thing really exceeded my expectations. Awesome event!

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  4. whiskers

    whiskers Perpetual student

    Sep 5, 2018
    but my shiny new S88 MK2 :'(
  5. rottoy

    rottoy Plebeian

    May 12, 2013
    I'm still waiting for Kegel Exercise Legato.
  6. Bill the Lesser

    Bill the Lesser Active Member

    May 8, 2018
    "Layers" is the kind of idea that drove me to start learning Kontakt scripting. I think it's an ultra cool concept and to see it implemented by people who actually know what they're doing is pretty exciting. Free download, woohoo! The first one's free, kid...

    Sooo...is all this new magic going to work with the Inspires and Arks I recently downloaded? Do I need updated versions, and will they cost $?

    And is Kontakt really outa here? There was a brief comment at the start of the presentation that kinda-sorta implied it was somehow still involved. Or did I imagine that?
  7. sostenuto

    sostenuto Big NKS Fan !

    Mar 10, 2017
    St George, UT USA
    Be patient …. working diligently on it ! :sneaky:
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  8. VinRice

    VinRice ... i am a robot ...

    May 20, 2017
    The UK of Englandshire
    Certainly looks like it will work with the Arks and Inspires. There should be no charge to make that happen. They are not dropping Kontakt.
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  9. poetd

    poetd Active Member

    Sep 9, 2018
    It's going to be fascinating how this will pan out.

    Word will soon get round - avoid WW from this pack, don't touch the Brass from this pack, so-and-so Strings aren't great - lists will emerge online of what exactly to pick from each of their libraries, which could mean a lot of content that may never get sold at all - content that cost a lot of money to produce.

    We can but wait and see I guess.... :)
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  10. robgb

    robgb I was young once

    Apr 6, 2016
    They said you could continue using Kontakt if you prefer.
  11. SoNowWhat?

    SoNowWhat? realised I can type here

    Jul 26, 2016
    Said this in the commercial thread; new sample player OK but, I'm waiting for more info but definitely interested. More sampler options that are good, the better for us. I'm guessing this might be an OT only option but it could be open to 3rd party licensing I suppose.

    The single instrument purchase option is excellent. And I'm guessing (didn't see this explicitly said though probably hinted at by others) this requires the OT sampler engine as it would side-step the multiple NI licensing burden. Wishing OT every success and I've definitely got my eye on some separate instruments already.
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  12. Land of Missing Parts

    Land of Missing Parts No Time for Honky-Tonk

    Jan 27, 2013
    It's also nice they're providing demos for individual instruments, and it looks like the information on articulations is easier to find than in the past, where you'd have to spend a bunch of time poring through the pdf and watching the walk-throughs.

    And I don't see it discussed much yet, but up-to-40% off bundle deals, with upgrade pricing that factors in what you already own. Nice to see.

    Of course, we still don't know what these prices are going to look like.
  13. jbuhler

    jbuhler Senior Member

    Jun 19, 2016
    So they say. I see a lot of ambition but also a lot of time required to get all this stuff done. That will cost real money. A lot of what they are proposing to do will cost real money on a recurring basis. I don't know that they have a deep enough catalog to do all of this yet.

    Again, I'll wait to see how this works in practice. Even more curious that OT did not offer a discount for Ark 4 to owners of the previous Ark libraries, as they did for both Ark 2 and Ark 3.

    The thing that most excites me is that they will finally have a proper user account that allows you to check if your instruments are up to date. Dumb thing to be excited about, I know.
  14. lucor

    lucor Senior Member

    Nov 19, 2013
    Looking forward to the new player! CAPSULE is already so incredibly badly optimized, it can only get better I hope. :grin:
  15. jamwerks

    jamwerks Senior Member

    Mar 21, 2010
    Seems SF took on a new investor/owner a couple of years back, probably to cover the Player cost. OT might have done the same.
  16. kevthurman

    kevthurman Active Member

    Dec 18, 2018
    I think everyone wants/needs different instruments and sounds. I already have an idea of what I want to buy to supplement what I have, but for others, they may need different things. Certainly some instruments will be less popular, either due to general popularity of the instrument (horn for example is a lot more popular than bass oboe certainly) or due to certain instruments not being so great from OT. But that's up to the individual really. I look forward to the hearty debate on this site over whether horn 1, 2, 3, or 4 is better and so on.
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  17. poetd

    poetd Active Member

    Sep 9, 2018
    I think some will do that, but a lot of people want to be lead and want the same sounds as their contemporaries or idols (absolutely nothing wrong with that btw).

    It could leave those "unloved" libraries for the more adventurous (and wealthy, heh) to discover and exploit, but I imagine that most sample companies sales come from the army of amateurs rather than fewer number of pros, and those amateurs will largely want to pick up strings from here, brass from there etc based on popular posts and lists on various sites.
    I could see it leading to a 2 tier pricing system, as those less popular libraries will struggle to sell individually and make the cost of producing them close to prohibitive.

    All speculation of course, we don't know how it will work out, and will be interesting to see how it unfolds. :)
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  18. Fry777

    Fry777 pragsound.com

    Nov 27, 2017
    I think we can view it this way and you have a point, but we could also take it from the opposite point of view : what if you're interested in only part of a big and costly library and didn't buy it due to not being able to justify the entire price tag ? With this system OT would at least get part of the revenue instead of nothing. This could really work for very specialised libraries like the Metropolis Arks, which are quite costly, where you regularly see a lot of people expressing interest on only a particular set of instruments but not the rest (Ark 3 and 4 being good examples of this).

    Down the line, I could see OT trying to produce new smaller, maybe even niche libraries, without having to think of a whole new big coherent concept encompassing several instrument families. This would be cheaper to produce, and hopefully cheaper to buy too...
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  19. MartinH.

    MartinH. Senior Member

    Jun 16, 2018
    Do you mean Kontakt Player licensing or development of their proprietary Player?

    I've read sooo many posts these last days speculating about Kontakt Player encoding fees being exorbitantly high (most extreme one talked of libraries one fourth the cost without it, which I think is absolutely ridiculous), I have to wonder where that "info" is coming from. The only one who weighed in on that topic, whose opinion I value, is @EvilDragon who estimated everything else about making such a library costs waaaay more than the fees. If this was really such a big percentage of the retail price, then half the industry would be fucking retarded for voluntarily paying it only to get the fancy menu entry, NI Access DRM, and the Kontakt Player compatibility that only absolute beginners need since even tons of hobbyist have a full Kontakt version through their Komplete bundle. It can't be that 8dio is the only company who figured out that you can just... not pay that fee, and stick with requiring full Kontakt to run their libraries. I don't get it...

    Till I know for sure what kind of DRM (if any) the new OT player is going to use, I have zero interest in it. If it's going to use iLok, it's dead to me.

    I wish I could be half as hyped for anything, as some of the people here are for an entirely unproven piece of sample player software. But I don't get it...
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  20. Guy Rowland

    Guy Rowland Senior Member

    Dec 13, 2012
    I think a point about the NI fees being high makes a lot more sense once you think about OT's wish to sell individual instruments. The only way to do that in the official NI ecosytem is to have separate libraries for each one, which then really would become a significant cost for even the bigger developers. You could of course not have them as player libraries, but that limits your market considerably.

    Given that they have several new features here such as the mic-blending, plus the integrated shop to buy single products, we're a long way here from Kontakt which clearly justifies going their own way. It's much harder to make a case for Spitifre currently.

    Also, from the presentation video, it does look to me to be the first sample player on the market to look like it was developed in this decade. I'm not talking about the flashy graphics, but rather the ease of use to build multiple instruments, choose between keyswitches or other methods of triggering etc. Rather than these things being bolted on by the developer one instrument at a time, it looks seamlessly and elegantly integrated into the player itself. And it looks much simpler and more user friendly than the otherwise impressive VSL player.

    We all wait to see how reliable and efficient it is, which are the most important things, but looks to me like they've done some really good conceptual thinking. DRM is a big issue too.

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