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Orchestral Tools: Glory Days - Big Band Horns


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Big Band Horns are a nightmare to sample and program, so I'm holding back my enthusiasm on this until I see some walkthroughs. OT say the music was composed by the suprememly talented Sascha Knorr, but I want to know if this is played by the instruments "as-is" or if it's more like a series of FX that have been strung together. Just tempering my expectations which I hope to be exceeded.

Michael Antrum

Only the good die young....
I've come over all Brian Setzer....

It's interesting, however, that this library is on pre-order until 22/11, (or the day before Black Friday itself).

I'm in the nice position that I don't need any more libraries, but I've put a little money aside in case anything interesting comes up.

Of all the things I would have speculated OT might come up with, this would not have been one of them.

Looking forward to seeing lots of demos.....


Started yesterday researching what big band horns to watch for on black friday. This is quite a surprise! Watching a lot of videos I always turn away when they get to legatos. This might be it!


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Correct me if I’m wrong but this may be the first and only specialized big band library that has individually recorded each instrument in the traditional 8-5 big band??

This is huge for me as Jazz writing is ALL about the voicings and part writing. This is why I’ve stayed away from big band horn libraries in the past. Effects and ensembles are useful but there needs to be individual instruments to really write contemporary jazz charts


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Sounds very good, open and natural... As for solos, I'm not sure, the sax solo bit isn't so convincing to my ears, but I need to hear more demos for that.
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