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Orchestral Tools Discovery Competition


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I like the challenge of using only the provided material in competitions like this, so that's what I've done here -- just a lot of processing and sound design with only the free sample pack as a sound source.


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A lot of great tracks for this competition, awesome job to everyone! Here's my entry if anyone's interested.


Duncan Krummel

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Love these sorts of outpours of music like this! Same samples to incorporate (basically), same brief, and yet stunningly varied results.

Here's my submission; just finished now with far less time to mess with the mix as I would have liked, but that's what I get for procrastinating! :alien:



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A looooooooot of awesome tracks here - good luck to everyone participating.

This is my entry for #DiscoveryCompetition: Not Alone (A new universe has just been discovered ... the Klingons are coming) :grin:


Mr Sakitumi

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This is my first post in this forum as a new member.
Started today and managed to get this done last minute to upload my entry just before the closing deadline.
Some amazing entries! Good Luck everyone!



Kevin Perry
I really wanted to JUST use what they gave us...but that was a little tough.Ha! Here is my meager offering.....the samples plus Delicate Piano from Berlin Inspire 2. And a few Star Trek sound fx that may sound familiar. :)



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This one's called 'Keep Your Wits About You'. Always had in interest in scoring but never had a deadline. Nice motivation from the competition. Also got me checking out this forum more I dig it over here.
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