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Orchestral Tools Berlin Harpsichords | Official Demo

Alex Niedt

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Excited to have my first official demo for Orchestral Tools up on their new Berlin Harpsichords page! I used the French Harpsichord, mostly the Back 8 with some Front 8 and Staccato articulations. Having actual recorded staccato makes a world of difference in realism. Mics are the Close 2 and Tree, both at 0dB.



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I like the sound but confused a bit by "harpsichodness" of demos.
No, the piece is not bad, and I feel, that articulation is not the void noise for You. But I still feel some luck of metric accents and agogic expression.
As an example: on this recording (conservatoire collection) I was looking for articulation for the piano performance. It's not ideal, I made it for personal use, but it represents what I'm talking about.



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Mark Schmieder

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It's strange, I somehow missed this product when it came out -- perhaps because I was traveling at the time, and it didn't garner much attention beyond the first day or two after the product announcement. I find your demo more useful for judging the library than the official ones, and thanks for pointing out that it includes staccato samples, as I also had missed that detail when quickly skimming the product specs.
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