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Orchestral Tools announces Junkie XL Brass by Tom Holkenborg


If they migrate away from Kontakt they are making the same big mistake as Spitfire and will definitely hurt them...
OT already said they will keep offering a version of all libraries for Kontakt too.

Besides the unique features of their new sampler. OT is offering you to buy single instruments from any Library they have, so basically you can build your own personal library without buying unnecessary instruments you don't even need. Thats not possible with Kontakt, they needed to create their own ecosystem.

So its not really comparable with the move from Spitfire with HZ Strings (e.g.)
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Audiobro Modern scoring brass price probably just came down a bit. Berlin Brass has some strong points but seems they know how to do better. It'll be interesting to see what JunkieXL Brass sounds like.

JunkieXL was probably just planning on paying them several hundred thousand to do him a private library and they decided on this route. With their new player (that undoubtedly costs a lot, around $3M I'd say), the investment by Tom was probably welcome!


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that undoubtedly costs a lot, around $3M I'd say
Whoa. I can't imagine it would cost that much, but I know zero about development costs. If so, they need to make that back somehow, which likely means exorbitant prices will continue indefinitely.


I really would like to know more, that's REALLY interesting, but I am also waiting for Audiobro brass library, so... ;)
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