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Orchestral Tools and Organic Samples collab // NEW VIDEO

Can we now expect a solo strings library from you this year?
Looking forward to knowing how your session went and if there will be any follow-up to this.

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Congrats guys! No idea how within a day of meeting you signed a deal, created artwork and a promo video?? If you keep moving that fast, I'm excited to see where you go next!


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Quite a bit (too) fast for it being real, isn't it?
Yeah, there is no way they did all of this in less than a week. Also the fact that Hendrik, who barely posts anything at all in the forum, was so active and talked so publically in this thread instead of via PM.
Plus, we also now know the reason why the Organic Samples webshop was closed for the last few months. ;)


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great for maxime,
great for OT

it's a win-win-win!
Maybe I'm too cynical, but when the majestic horn was released I was hoping for Organic Samples to become a force to recon with on the VI market and shake things up a bit. And I don't quite see how it's better for consumers in the long run when all the promising small devs get acquired by any of the big players. I'm sure they're happy about it themselves because it's a form of validation and probably also pays better, but from a pure consumer standpoint, I think this is generally more bad than good for us in the long term, and every time I've seen similar things in the software world the consolidation into monopolies lead to stagnating products at higher prices over time. I don't see the win-win-win here that you describe. By what mechanic exactly do you think this is better for the consumers in the long run, when small devs get acquired by much bigger companies?
Not saying I'd do anything differently by the way, both from Maxime's and OT's perspective. No hard feelings, I understand. I just don't see why I should be celebrating this personally...
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