Orchestral Template


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I am looking for help to create an orchestral template using Cubase.

What I will provide:
- List of my VIs, plug-ins, PC spec. (please note: VI list is very reasonable)

At the end of the project, I am looking to receive:
1) Cubase project file
2) The file has all the midi tracks setup and grouped by section
3) All tracks have the proper depth, reverb and balance
4) Either in the same file or a different file, a short orchestral piece demonstrating the template. The piece should show both its epic capability as well as the softer dramatic side.

Side notes:
- Not every VI need to be used
- The libraries will be located at different locations in my setup. That's understandable. I will repoint the loading process to the appropriate folders.
- The demo can also be short snippets of known work (say few seconds of the theme from Hook + few seconds of Princess Leia's theme)

If this is something you can do, please PM me with a
1) Link to a sample of your work
2) A quote
Also PM me if you have questions.

Thank you in advance.


Todd K. Edwards
Hi Fido (I'm sure that's not your real name),

I offer 1-1 template service, go check out my website and let me know if your interested?

Are you looking for someone to create the template or are you going to create it? I'm willing to do both.