Orchestral Summer Fantasy


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Hello there,

this is a little fantasy I first wrote for piano solo, but I couldn't play it that nicely, so I orchestrated it.
I hope you like it




As always another great composition with some very beautiful textures. Since I always praise you I tried this time really hard to find something to complain! So, maybe the melody that starts at 3.44. I don't know if it's an ensemble trumpet patch, maybe a solo trumpet with lower dynamics would work better but that's just nitpicking. Great job as always.


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@Uncle Peter thanks uncle peter! Always nice to find a good artwork to boost your music:D

@Kas haha thank you kas! It's 2 trumps hollywood brass I think. Quiet unhappy with the trumpets atm though. The solo one is just too weird, the ens sound better but are somehow too thick. Not sure how to handle this with reverb or eq. The horns still sound amazing. Maybe it's too high of the dynamics, you're right.

@Oliver very much appreciate it, thank you oliver!


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I love this stuff. I don't want to say anything about engineering aspect, because you're not an engineer. But for the music itself I want to share some of my thoughts. I don't think I have rights to comment your music or to criticize it, but after listening I have a feeling that it lacks one simple and memorable part with 7th,9th or sus chords, but without chromatic tonality changes. I love Debussy and he often composed a very long development and then gave us a very simple and beautiful part which you repeat dozens of times thereafter. I like the development of your piece, and you have all kind of stuff there: interesting textures, atonality elements, complex chords with interesting harmony development, etc., but for me it lacks the most important thing - a heart. I want something that gives reason to repeat your music over and over. You showed us all aspects of the summertime, you told the story about everything except one simple and memorable feeling of love, happiness or something like that. I hope you'll understand me and won't be tough, because I respect you as a composer very much.
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