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I am thinking of picking up an electric guitar during this sale as I don't currently have many options at the moment. However, I don't really write much for guitar so I probably only need one for the time being. Any insight on which OT electric guitar might be the most versatile across genres? Based on the demos I am thinking the Rock Standard might be best, but I figured I'd ask for any other opinions.

Same question can be applied to the basses as well, although I am less certain on whether or not I am going to buy a bass.

Mark Schmieder

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That's a tough one to answer, as even the best libraries aren't going to behave in the same way as a live instrument. Even so, probably the best answer is more or less the same as for real guitars: a Strat is generally the most versatile guitar, as it is the most neutral and thus can take to treatments fairly predictably, as well as having a good range of built-in multiple personalities with the five-way switch and the "quack" settings (I haven't really tried hard to see how well the libraries cover this ground though).

My personal favourite was the Dracus, as it's an 8-string Schecter model that no other vendor covers, it obviously has a wide frequency range, and also it helps me better distinguish two guitars in a mix vs. a sea of mud. More so than with live guitars, combining guitar libraries when covering multiple parts in a song, can be a challenge in terms of maintaining the separateness and articulateness of each part.

Sarah Mancuso

I'd say the Rock Standard and the Strawberry are the best all-rounders. I used Strawberry for quite a while as my sole OTS electric and it did the job very nicely, though Rock Standard is the newer of the two, FWIW. I don't think you can really go wrong with either one.

Stratosphere seems a bit more particular to me in terms of where it fits in, as it tends to feel bright and sharp in my experience.

Mark Schmieder

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Yep, and bright and sharp cuts through the mix like nothing else. Also much easier to get a choppy sound. But I too use Strawberry the most. I have Rock Standard but haven't gravitated towards it yet, just because I haven't started any new projects recently that have guitar (I'm mostly working on classical, jazz, and world music projects at the moment).
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