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For Sale Orange Tree samples, Soundiron and Heavyocity


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These are for sale:

Native Instruments:
Noire SOLD
Evolve Mutations Bundle $50
Session Guitarist - Picked Acoustic SOLD


Emotional Piano (player version) SOLD
Requiem Light Symphonic Choir (player version) $80 + $49.75 fee
Olympus Choir Elements (player version) $50 + $24.75 fee
Voice of Gaia Strawberry (full kontakt) $40 + $29.75 fee
Voice of Rapture The Soprano (full kontakt) SOLD

Soundiron is fine with the sale. New customer will pay the fee to Soundiron.

Orange Tree Samples:
Evolution Strawberry (player version) $75
Evolution Steel Strings (player version) $75

Greg has approved the sale.

PayPal works for me.
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I made a big mistake when asking for the transferID. I marked all three libraries at once without realizing they would see that as a one transfer. So there are three of my libraries in one transferID code. I asked them if it’s possible to separate them and I’m waiting for them to respond.

I feel a bit dumb that I made such a mistake. We’ll live and learn I suppose.


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Just wanted to confirm that the two Evolution guitar libraries being sold would go through our automated transfer system, so they would get added to the downloads section of your account just as if you bought them directly through the Orange Tree Samples website. You'll also receive any product updates released as well as be eligible for bundle upgrade discounts, etc.
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