Orange Tree Samples Group Buy - 60% OFF [ENDED]


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wonderful! My advice? Save and add to your Orange slices stockpile if it's an incremental upgrade like me...

I added another 22% off to my already 20ish% percent off in slices for a wopping 44ish% off on future purchases, which will include the tele and a few other goodies that I'm sure will appear shortly! They will be irresistible!

It's pretty awesome that Greg is continuing to add slices to our accounts even during this 60% off deal! Like, WOW dude!


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Did you try the checkout link from the group buy page?
JC is correct. You have to check out via the GB. The Passion Flute is one of the purchases I made this time around, and I did get the 60% discount (+ orange slice discount! Crazy!).


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Okay, I must be doing something wrong but here are screenshots from the group buy and post add to cart:
IMG_7243.PNG IMG_7244.PNG