Opinions on this PC build

I do not like MSI motherboards...
The for audio workloads bottleneck is *not* the SSD, but the CPU.
As Robert Kooijman mentioned, you can go super perfect with just one big NVMe SSD and install everything there.
Here because the way stuff is done(backup/management) I prefer one separated SSD for the OS.
A new build for you with better CPU, case(got USB 3 type c) and cooler.
If you really want a motherboard for 3 NVMe SSDs, then go for Gigabyte Z390 AORUS ULTRA.

I went for your build, but with the Auros Ultra and two additional SSD's. I had to take another case but I chose a similar. Thank you for your help!


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I agree. Integrated graphics have given me far fewer problems than separate cards. Definitely avoid Nvidia; I know they've improved their drivers but on one of my PC slave computers they are still not great for latency.

I agree -- you don't need the fastest SSDs. Even the slowest SSDs I own from years ago are still so fast that they are good enough to stream samples. Some argue that the longer warranty indicates higher quality and reliability, which may be true, but I have not experienced a single SSD failure yet and was an early adopter, so some of mine are quite old now.

Just to confess, though, I am something of a hypocrite arguing for "good enough" SSDs, since I bought an Intel Optane for strings. Like many, I am very demanding with that section.

Definitely if you want to work in games it's a good idea to play games, especially if you enjoy them.

I also agree with the advice, just for updates and housekeeping, to maintain a separate C: drive. Not sure it's strictly necessary, but for simplicity it might be easier. I also use a separate project drive on my main computer; despite the fact that I don't think you really need that anymore, I find it easier to conceive of my backup strategy that way. The project drive gets backed up at least once a day to another location.

Good luck and best wishes.

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I also use a separate Projects Drive. As I too like to silo everything in my mind, like rooms for each purpose when using my machines :)