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Online Composition service - Game,Cinematic,trailer,Orchestra,Virtual Instrument Company Demo song ect..


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Hello I'm Epic planet. (I Worked in Drama, Film, Game music)
I am waiting for new music works. It doesn't matter what genre.

As you can see from my sound sources,
I can use advanced orchestra techniques and work on rich, clear and colorful sounds more than anyone else.

I'm not taking lessons, and I'm waiting for various genres of movies, games, trailers, and mobile game work.


Emotional Music

Casual GAME

The production cost varies from genre to genre, so please contact us by email. :D

e-mail : [email protected]

Homepage : https://www.epicplanet.art/

Thank you

Rasoul Morteza

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Epic planet (it would be nice to know your real name), I'm writing this to actually offer you some help and others who are in similar shoes.

1. Above all, you have to realise that forums like this are not really the best places to be looking for clients. If film/video-game music is your passion, you have to go and establish genuine relations with directors, producers, animators, people who actually work in the domain and who "hire" us composers to do projects for them. Yes assistant work is always a thing but it is scarce, and even that works differently. Join film forums, talk to people, engage in discussions with them.

2. I understand you are based in South Korea, or at least it seems. If you do have film credits then those should be the first to present. One might be a fantastic contemporary composer but not very good at scoring films. The distinction is important.

3. Try working on your presentation, first of all you need to state your name. Yes you might have a production label or company, or be a member of one, but it is very important for a potential client to know with whom exactly he is going to be working with. Moreover, stating that you are not taking classes (by which I assume you mean you have graduated from university) is of zero importance. Also stating that you are waiting for work is meaningless. To state that you can have a richer sound compared to everyone else is also either poor presentation or some ego to reckon with. Avoid emoticons in your text (such as smileys), and finally try to work on a presentation that is intriguing to a prospective client.

You have to answer any director's fundamental question as in, why hire you and what is it exactly with your music that distinguishes you from everyone else (describe what constitutes your "sound").

Best of luck, cheers.

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