One Thing Rich and Powerful Republicans and Democrats Can Agree On


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The Sinaloan Times has no business trying to drag Clinton or Trump into this.
And just because he gave liberals protection money doesn’t mean they’re all sex freaks.

But the ones who pay protection money like Epstein, Weinstein, are somewhat protected by Liberals as was seen with Harvey and the SDNY that refused to follow the NYPD lead in prosecuting Weinstein when they already had him cold on a sting operation.


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What do you mean "drag Clinton or Trump into this"? Clinton was on the "Lolita Express over 20 times according to Fox News if that source suits you better. Trump has also been to "Orgy Island" with Epstein and accused of rape. And let's not forget his quote about Epstein, "I've known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side."

Epstein protected by liberals? I'm afraid his protection is not just power from the left, but in fact much from the right. How about Alex Acosta? Alan Dershowitz? Kenneth Star?


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Why is the SDNY making press appearances and running full page ads seeking sex workers assaulted by Epstein?
Why is Trumps name even mentioned unless they already have an angle they’re working to continue smearing Trump in hopes one of their worthless candidates looks better?

Comeys daughter is involved in this investigation IIRC. SDNY is where Daddy and Mueller dropped off Intel and leaked classified information.

So prosecute Epstein on the evidence you have, even if that’s sealed.
But if lying Liberals at the SDNY start leaking to the Sinaloan Times it’s obvious why this suddenly seems to be of importance.
Someone will get rich on GoFund me like Dr. DiBlasio Ford did, she’s a millionaire, and the FBI Lovebirds Peter and Lisa made a fortune too. Not sure if lying Liberal loser McCabe made money yet. But wifey got 700,000 worth of Clinton cash via VA governor to lose in a senate race, so they’ve probably been set up nice somewhere.
CNN can’t afford all of these Liberals like CIA, NSA, DHS chiefs giving their great insights.

I just don’t trust anyone Liberal regardless of their credentials.
NY and California prosecutors? No fucking way.
I’ve seen them in action for years.

Who knows maybe Epstein gets to keep a billion and lose his citizenship, and Liberals take his billions and split it up between themselves and the candidates they want to tell what to do.

When the head of the FBI CIA and NSA, all Liberals, are the top of the food chain it’s safe to assume liberals beneath them are scumbags too.
They’re just corrupt bad cops, deck stackers, sore losers, and their entire political beliefs are residue from a bad design.
The sooner this stain is vacuumed up the better it is for America.

But fuck Epstein, I could less what happens to him or Harvey.
Anyone with a daughter or a mother that deserves love and respect would love to just kick these fat fuckers across the gut with their shins.


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You see damn it, I was in a good mood until copy/pastes from media parrots showed up.
There’s a shit load of funny pics of Ivanka @ historical world events, those would be funnier than this political x rated jive.


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I knew I was right.
I look for patterns in fake news.
Check it out, weeks after the campaigns and debates start, why now would a woman come out of California claiming Epstein raped her and Trump was there?

Within hours Steyers tells the 20 Goofy Liberals they’re running for VP now because this is his race. The court is in his neighborhood too. Talk about convenience. This is a brilliant offensive.

The SDNY is running ads “Have you been raped by this billionaire” please come forward. So everytime you need to bury the IGs report or steal Trumps headlines you find another woman saying yeah, since the liars from the Kavanaugh hearings were never charged, they won’t get in trouble.

And GoFundMe is where the legal bribes are gathered.
You play ball with the wealthy Liberals they cut you in on the action.