On the road with Hans Zimmer


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I can't believe they got the biggest film composer in the world right now to be in their ad and then released his music for it IN MONO. The whole team should be fired!
The way they show that single speaker at 1:13 makes me think it might have been a stylistic choice, possibly one related to a tech requirement from the briefing. Just speculating of course.


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I can't believe Hans Zimmer drove right past my house and didn't stop and say hello.

Love that ride on the motorcycle.
Except on weekends. When 100+ bikers head up in the morning and a caravan of ambulances head up after them in the afternoon. Probably doesn't help that seemingly half of them stop and get high at the Shell station on the way. We've been on ACH over 5 years now and I don't think there's been one single weekend we haven't heard the caravan of sirens racing past the house.


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Not to hijack this thread, but any idea which MIDI fader controller he's using?
Seems bespoke, I guess he’s got a lot of bespoke gear.
Speaking of which, the most amazing bespoke gear I’ve seen is the keyboard.. hmmm, control center I should say, of Vangelis.
Which sounds like HZ’s music in the ad.
See how I put back a thread on topic


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Ok wow, holy zoinks batman @Rctec actually drives !

thought you didn’t like driving? ... a Rover? ;)

(posted in good fun in case it’s not clear)


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I think it’s a fake commercial.
I’ve got comprehension I sometimes wish I didn’t have and I remember him saying he’s terrified of driving, and has a private service?

So it might have been props like Beverly D’Angelo and Chevy Chase had
in Vacation.


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Seems that HZ in every appearence reveals some golden nuggets of music wisdom. By now HZ should have severeal honorary professor awards at the best universities. So the students could get a chance to take it in, and feel it from HZ in person.