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Omnisphere Crashing in VEP-6


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I haven't used Omnisphere (v.2.5.1) for a while, now I need to use it for a project. I load it in an instance of VEP-6, un-preserved and "coupled", connected to Cubase 10 on a Windows machine. It works well initially, until I save close and then come back to the project (session) later on. Open the Cubase Project but all the Omnisphere sounds (while they seemed they are loaded) are muted (produce no sound). Trying now to either close Cubase or simply disconnect the problematic VEP instance (containing Omni) it crashes (freezes) both Cubase and VEP6. So I need to force quit them both (and then reload the VEP template which also contains many preserved/un-coupled instanced loaded with Orchestra and stuff). It usually needs multiple attempts until it starts working (load project->crash/freeze->force quit->load template->crash...repeat...)

This happened quite a few times in the last couple of days

Anybody else has experienced this or heard of something like this? Is there a workaround? Maybe host Omni in Cubase directly (however this makes the ASIO meter go crazy with these heavy OMNI patched).

Sample Fuel

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I get random sounds that suddenly make no sound. Never really reproduced this with regular steps. It is fairly infrequent. I always just have to reload the patch(es) that make no sound to get the sound back. Definitely happens once in a while with VE PRO 6 connected via Cubase.
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