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Omnisphere 2.6 (latest build) - ok with W7?

Rob Elliott

Senior Member
Hey guys and gals - for those on W7 - any issues with this 2.6 update? The only reason I ask is I am using Omni on current project (in final throws of the schedule) while at the same time (while I wait for approvals on that) - I need to jump on the next project which would benefit from the update. As much as I want that benefit I don't want to 'break' Omni for the project just finishing up.

Thanks in advance for chiming in.



Keyboardist / composer
Hi Rob,

I've got no problems with Omnisphere 2.6 running in Studio One or GigPerformer on Windows 7 64bit so far...
Rob Elliott

Rob Elliott

Senior Member
The impatient in me just couldn't wait. Tried to update - no go. Called Alex over at Spectrasonics - fixed me up in mins (had to relink Steam folder). GREAT update. So refreshing to be able to call a HUMAN and talk it out to get solved QUICK.
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