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Old VSL Chamber Strings and question about Syncron

Mark Schmieder

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Thanks; that's very helpful. I'll give this a try soon, as I have fully consolidated my primary templates now and condensed them down to just VSL and Spitfire stuff, for orchestral work. So it's a good time to revisit the string sections and see what Dimension Strings can do for me.


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I don't like the Synchron player in it's current state, VI Pro is more advanced. And also I don't like the re-mastered, edited Chamber Strings, there are many articulations missing, too. The VI library sounds better, in my opinion.

I do like the Synchron Stage sound, not within the Synchron Player. I know you can control the dry/wet amount of the reverb, but the presets are too wet. And all these added algo reverbs on top... way too much for my taste. I have more control with the MIR Pro room pack. :)

it's not just too wet, it's like too hard panned too


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I have found an old test I have made when Dim Strings were released. I have mocked up the string parts of Asteroid Field from Star Wars V with pretty good results (and I am pretty sure no other libraries can handle this due to lack of samples)


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