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Offering a custom Lemur setup for Cubase for free (as my thesis)

Discussion in 'Your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)' started by Breaker, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Breaker

    Breaker Senior Member

    Jul 17, 2017

    For some time I have been thinking of making a Lemur-based controller setup for Cubase with MIDI-editing and visibility etc. but I never seem to have enough time for a full-blown solution and I start doing some quick ad hoc stuff instead, which never really leads to anywhere

    I should also do my thesis work this winter and I recently got the great idea of combining these two time-consuming endeavours and do the Lemur-Cubase setup as my thesis. The only problem is that for product-type thesis I need a sponsor, and I am sadly not allowed to sponsor myself.

    So now I am looking for someone who would have a true need for a Lemur-based Cubase setup and would be willing to spend some time to map out the requirements for this project, give feedback frequently and participate in a few meetings (In person or Skype) and in exchange I would give you dozens of hours (maybe even hundred) of my work time for free (unless you insist in paying me) in order to build you a setup which would be customised to YOUR workflow and write a full documentation which should help you to make changes or additions later. (My masterplan is to use some of this work for building my own setup of course).

    The tricky part is that the sponsor must be a company or association, private person is not sufficient. So basically, you would have to be a sole proprietor (or similar) or work in a company where you would use this product for your work.

    What I need from You:
    • To be a company. Sole proprietor (or similar) is fine if it is an official business entity (Association will work as well).
    • To give requirements and parameters for what you need
    • To give feedback during the project
    • To participate in 2-4 meetings, in person or via Skype
    What will You get:
    • Product with (for example):
      • Lemur interface (could be also some other platform if required)
      • Macros, visibility agents etc. for Cubase (other DAW's are not an option)
      • MIDI selection and editing
      • Visibility commands
      • Library controls
    • Documentation

    Some ideas for the setup:

    MIDI selection and editing

    • Select notes by velocity / length / beat / before or after cursor
    • Set velocity to fixed value / randomise / multiply / divide / add / subtract
    • Quantise note start / length
    • Set notes double / half speed
    • Select controller data all / before or after cursor
    • Set controller data fixed value / randomise / multiply / divide / add / subtract
    • Controller lane presets
    • Hide / show controller lanes

    • Show tracks by instrument type (ie. strings, brass, synths)
    • Show tracks with data at cursor / between locators

    Library controls
    • Faders, buttons, XY-controls etc. for MIDI CC

    If you are interested or you have any questions, please PM me!
    (I didn't want to go too much into details here as the post is already long enough)

    Deadline for "applying" is 20th of October.

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