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Did anybody mention that DP11 supports the PreSonus Sound Variations API? So DP is the first DAW (apart from Studio One) to implement this feature.
Wow! thanks for this heads up. I was kind of wondering about it, it looked very similar. Way to go Presonus for developing an open protocol that could be adopted by other daws. Impressed!


Wow! You found a great solution congratulations! I dread at some point trying to find and install VST3 versions of probably 99% of all of my plug-ins. Generally I only install AU and VST2 when I install plug-ins……….Fun times ahead,lol

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I just reported this VST3 issue as a Tech Link at MOTU and referenced thread here:

Maybe if enough of us make some noise about this they will expedite a resolution. In the meantime, I'm really enjoying the use of Studio One 5.3, VST3 instruments, and automatic sound variation (ariticulation map) creation.

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Has anyone experienced any issues with the song feature when trying to write back or merge to the conductor track, as it keeps crashing the daw for me?

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Also, the Option-drag of a specific number of bars at the top of the midi editing window (which then expands the window to those selected bars...)
This function is still available but accessed only with the tool bar's Zoom Function (shortcut: z)

I use it constantly and thought it had been substantially altered which it hasn't.


Except that in Logic you can grab any part of the handle and move it. DP still only allows for the tiny dot to be selected which remains an excruciating mouse move. Very disappointed by that.

Also, the Option-drag of a specific number of bars at the top of the midi editing window (which then expands the window to those selected bars) has become: select-menu-scroll-click. Really puts the brakes on workflow. [Unless anyone knows how to restore that function that’s been around a long time.]
Examine Velocity tool. In Midi editor (with piano keys) just hold V when you go over a note, and then you can drag any part of the note to change velocity. Works well. The same story with P for pencil key - as long as you hold the key, the tool is active. Good luck!


I found that this DP version, with all the goodness that it brings, has problems with External Video output with my Aja Kona Lhi. Literally none of the modes work, Dp just hangs or returns an error.


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I would like to see how a VSL complex library like Elite strings works with Babylon waves... Any chance of a video about it? How the different longs and legatos are organised?
You dont need to use them for Synchron libraries as they automatically import to DP11 if using VST3.


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I'm kind of amazed about DP 11. Seems to be a solid, welcome upgrade for most, but damn, the near silence in marketing and lack of documentation in the (usually informative) manual is weird. Literally all I know about the new release has been gleaned from user comments and third party videos. This just confirms my belief that the MOTU staff is stretched nearly to the breaking point, and one employee is likely to be wearing many hats. I assume the third party people are beta testers?

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Really enjoying using this DAW, really straightforward to compose in. All my libraries sound well here not too murky.

Got my tempo mapping down to the movie, moved my bars to the right places, placed my key signatures. Tried to play my ideas into chunks (their seminal feature), and the conductor track won't merge properly. So had to resort to using the main sequence -- not so good.
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