NOVO Strings for $379 ... good deal?

Is NOVO a steal at $379 ?

  • Yes, get it. It's worth even more than that.

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  • Not really. Either it's not that great or there are better/cheaper competitors out there.

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Also, compare the articulations list docs of both libraries on their respective web pages (including detailed information on the instruments used). This will give you more perspective on whether to add Novo or not.
Hi, does I.T. Have the exact same editing capabilities as NOVA, just smaller ensembles?


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Novo has an "Evolved" section that is not a part of IT. But the base instrument appears to be identical.


Novo has an "Evolved" section that is not a part of IT. But the base instrument appears to be identical.
Thanks for the reply man!
I'm on the fence with this as there's a big gulf in price. I don't think I need the actual orch strings, i'm more interested in the sound design capabilities... Hmmm


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I would say Novo has far more involvement from that angle as the Evolved section allows a cross blend of multiple sources, whereas the base instrument only works from that single source.

It reminds me a bit of how Gravity was handled with the "add-on" packs...not really add-ons. The packs can do a lot of what Gravity can, until you get to the blended sections.

I really wish you could connect the two because it would be great to use the content from the add-ons in a larger way.

Of course, for complete transparency, I really play and tweak the presets for results and don't consider myself a deep programmer. Maybe someone with more experience with this instrument can chime in if I am wrong in some area.


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A good way to compare is by looking at the pdf documentation provided on the Heavyocity website, showing which articulations, and above all, which settings were used while recording the strings. Novo covers a sizable orchestra and Intimate Textures involves a chamber setting. Somewhat reminds me of the difference between Gravity packs Vocalise and Vocalise 2, the former donning four singers including one or two quite famous, the latter only including two.
And like JonSolo says, would be great to connect the packs to the motherships.


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I have a feeling that Intimate Textures is "part 1" and that "part 2" will be coming out later. It's a great library but limited and it feels like they intentionally held back due to the low price. I'm pretty sure of it.
You can bet they'll also be releasing some loop designer packs for this library. My prediction is we will see one this year. I love that section of the library as well!


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It's probably worth mentioning that even if you're not interested in the "traditional strings" (from NOVO) themselves, that these are still the sound sources that you manipulate using the sound-design functionality of the instrument ... so their presence is still relevant and important for that reason.

Also, for what it's worth I ended up going with IT instead of NOVO and I'm currently very happy with my decision. The way I see it they both have basically the same sound design engine (albeit yes, different source material) but IT has source material that I would actually really love to use ... whereas NOVO does not. When you look at it that way and also consider the fact that IT was a third of the price, the decision ended up being quite clear.


Many thanks for all the help guys.
I bought NOVO and am really enjoying it.
I’ll probably end up with I.T. before long too.