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What Hans did differently and what actually helped him a lot is that he accented the last bar of his theme to make structure something like 0-x. Thanks to this accent we actually understand where the start of the theme is. In your case I was actually a little bit confused (I didn't hear Man of Steel soundtrack too often), because the theme was written in such a way that it isn't really clear where it starts and where it ends just by notes, we really need an accented rhythm to understand that..
One of my favorite soundtracks - nice job!

I agree with Grim_Universe. I'd also add that one of the big aspects of this soundtrack is the layering of the percussion. The sounds are great here, but you need those flams to really give it that big percussion ensemble sound.

If you haven't, check out Junkie XL's in-studio video about how he did his Mad Max percussion, and the video on Youtube about the drums recording sessions for Man of Steel (both are very entertaining).

Keep it up, these are always a treat to hear :)
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