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Hey there,

Just realised I've been a member for a few years but didn't actually post but lurked occasionally. A bit about me: my name is James, based in Australia, have been working in the industry for about 15 years. Originally a drummer who got frustrated with the band thing and found synths and samplers and studied audio engineering, for the past 10 or so years I've worked as an engineer and musical collaborator with the composer Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance), while also touring with the band as a keyboard/MIDI tech. I do have a website but am notoriously bad at keeping it updated with all my stuff, and also it sucks that I cant post a lot of stuff because I technically don't own it anymore!

Since getting into composing I produce far less than I used to, but still do production for other artists. I have an album of more electronic based stuff from awhile ago under the moniker of Fixed Error and am looking to do more of this. On iTunes and the usual but will link to Bandcamp here as its free to listen:

My entry to composing happened naturally from that and I'm pretty much full-time as a composer these days (with all the trials & tribulations, ups & downs that that entails). I started by doing drum programming on some scores and then into writing additional parts and music, then composing. It's a pretty standard apprenticeship gateway into composing and still the best I think, if you can find the opportunity. I've been fortunate enough to see how many amazing composers go about their business and I love that, despite the competitive nature of the business, that people in the industry and very supportive. We need more of that.

I'm not classically trained and work things out as I go. Love listening to soundtracks without watching the movie. One of my favourite composers is Cliff Martinez, both for his musical style and his attitude and approach that is not the traditional path. Also huge fan of Alexandre Desplat, Clint Mansell, Basil Poledouris, and of course Hans Zimmer. I think the latter is among the best there is in "unlocking" a picture and developing an idea, not matter how simple or complex, and of course the lush dense production style and sound fidelity that is now par for course these days (I wish I could hire Alan Meyerson). There is a lot more to composing than just writing music, which I think the best composers out there understand. For my possibly favorite soundtrack, I'm actually going to say it might Queen's original Flash Gordon soundtrack as it totally appeals to my sense of humour, while also being technically just awesome.

Anyway, hello!
Hey Brother James!

Nicky (also from Melbourne) here. I remember you from UnicorNation back in the day.

No fancy bio here to share, but sounds like you've done very well for yourself, mate. Congrats! :dancedance: