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Not for sale anymore! Please delete!

Edit: lowered prices.

Thought I'd sell some libs that I don't use that much:

- Native Instruments/Heavyocity Damage 130 Euros (ord. 299 Euros)

- Impact Soundworks Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion 90 Euros (ord. ca 199 Euros)

Damage is a Kontakt Player lib. You need FULL Kontakt for ROP and an account at ISW.
I have already been in contact with both NI and ISW regarding the license transfers so the transfer is ready to be made.
If in doubt whether I'm allowed to resell the ISW lib I can forward my correspondence with Taylor at ISW.

Payment via PayPal.

I might be interested to trade for ProjectSam Swing!, Swing More! or ISW Straight Ahead Jazz Horns.
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