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No more hard drive space!


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Just thought I'd ask if anyone has any magical strategies for managing hard drive space.

Yeah, it was fairly cheap until I gradually replaced all my drives with SSDs. Now I can't add any more so all I can do is upgrade size of a drive - which is getting very costly.

I'm wondering if I should really start culling some of my libraries. During the last Spitfire sale (was it Christmas?) I bought Studio Strings Professional and have yet to download the blasted thing as I don't have 200gbs of space.

I am alone? I'm guessing not... lol.


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You're far from alone. :shocked:

For the moment I'm treating it as motivation to stop buying additional libraries and start actually learning to get the most out of all of the ones I already own. I figure that by the time I truly believe that I've learned all of them, either there will be newer/better/roomier storage technologies available, or (perhaps more likely) I'll be dead. :grin:

Matt Riley

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It’s funny, I just picked up a 1tb samsung 850 pro for cheap off ebay because I plan to add spitfire studio strings when they have their next sale.


Parkinson's First Law: Sample libraries will fill up all available disk space no matter how much you have.

Kondo's Law: If the sample library doesn't spark joy, thank it, and archive it to offline storage.

My solution: if I haven't used a sample library for an actual production in the past 2 years, I thank it, and move it to my NAS.

Sevareid's Law: The chief cause of problems is solutions


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you gotta see video editors hard drive rigs... thats some crazy expensive solutions. SSD are so cheap and powerful. just get more. I got a PCIe card to hold 2 more SSD drives. now i have 6 drives on my mac pro. but i have a regular HDD drive of about 6TB for sample loops and one hits. stuff that doesnt need fast streaming. also for libraries that are not orchestral, more like hybrid where i normally do render in place anyways.

Goldie Zwecker

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If all the companies could do what IKmultimedia did with modo bass, i.e. modeling instead of sampling, and improve and perfect it, it would save a lot of space. One day, one day.


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My solution: if I haven't used a sample library for an actual production in the past 2 years, I thank it, and move it to my NAS.
My DAW has a single 4TB WD Black 7200rpm disk for this purpose. All my main libs go on SSDs. If I haven't used it in a while, it goes on the WD. As time goes and SSD prices fall, I replace the older small ones with SSDs to either make room for new stuff or move some of the stuff from the WD back onto SSD.

Another good use of 7200rpm drives is for small libraries, stuff where overall sample size is so small that moving to SSD isn't going to improve load time very much.


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where applicable, I would delete samples (mic positions/instruments) that I don't need rather than deleting libraries
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