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[no longer] Attempting a Quartet piece...


That is an excellent idea. Like a Chaconne or a Passacaglia. Or the famous Canon by Pachelbel.
Fun fact, pachelbel''s brother emigrated to colonial South Carolina and lived there until he died? I'd love to hear more about him if anyone knows anything. BTW Andy write the damn quartet.


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BTW Andy write the damn quartet.


Hiya mate :)

I've pretty much given up on this for now.

I have been getting my head around the theory of it but it is taking too long. As it should, I suppose.

But I love creating, as you know, so I jumped on to something else.

And then yesterday afternoon I was told by my "agent" that I've been accepted for a job, which was great news, because I have been actively looking for over three months now.

Downside of that is, of course, creativity has now fallen off a cliff while I re-familiarise myself with some software I need to use.

Oh well! Such is life :grin:


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Thanks all for the advice and links to resources.

After 20 years of making electronic music and playing a bit of piano I want to learn more about actually writing music instead of fiddling with synths and plugins. A couple of days ago I started trying to write something for string quartet intuitively and it was a strenuous mental exercise so I guess I'm heading in the right direction.

I'll post something in a couple of days for you to bash. :)
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