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NI Symphony Series Brass Ensemble a good starting brass library?


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Just making my first orchestral library purchases now. As far as brass is concerned, I'm absolutely in love with OT Berlin Brass as nothing I've heard seems to come even remotely close. That said, since I'm only getting into this type of music, I think it makes more sense to start out with something on the lower end of the price spectrum before I drop $1000 on a single brass lib.

I'm very strongly considering NI Symphony Series Brass Collection (which includes both the ensemble and the seemingly less-well-regarded solo libs for a combined price of $250 ... which is 50% off for Black Friday). It seems to offer a nice combination of good sound, great GUI, fairly extensive articulations, and great value at that current sale price. I'm just curious if anyone else had alternative suggestions for brass libs that can offer a similar value at this point in time?

Also if anyone had any glaringly negative feedback about that lib, I'd be curious to hear it as well.

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