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NI S88 MK2 Sustain & Mod wheel issues with Logic


Hi Everyone,

Just wondered if anyone has any ideas why My S88 MK2 sustain and mod wheel doesn't work in logic. All keys work and pitch wheel works

I also have an Alesis VI61 connected where everything works fine. I moved the usb cable from the S88 to the Alesis (just in case) & everything works.

The S88 is definatly outputting info as i downloaded reaper to test it and it works fine.

Had the S88 about 4 months and everything was fine up until about 2 weeks ago.

tried messing with logic settings but maybe i'm missing something

Any ideas



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Open up Komplete Kontrol (stand-alone) and see if somehow the pedal and mod wheel were disabled or reassigned.


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Hi robh, yes tried that. Changed settings in the standalone version and put them back to where they should be but still nothing. It works in the standalone version by the way.
You never know with these things but i'm thinking somehow it must be a logic settings thing as it works fine in reaper. Also strange how my Alesis sustain and mod wheel work as expected in logic
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