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NI Massive X anyone?


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I was just going to do Kontakt 6 for a Benjamin, but for 2 benjies I can get Komplete 12 and all sorts of other stuff.

I’ve got AVX, AVX2 and AVX 512, seems like I’ve got enough AVX stuff.

Time to break down and buy software again. This and HipHop Creator should bring me into this century nicely.

I’m sold on Massive X. All of the other stuff I already have the real thing or a better software version. But Kontakt 6 and Massive X for 2 Benjamin’s is a sore dick deal.
You can’t beat it.


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Seems like it’s cool to buy Komplete 12 and sell off parts of it in The for sale threads below.
Sell massive x down there, India, etc.
You might actually make money...
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No, can't sell individual parts of Komplete. You're probably seeing people who had those products before Komplete that they're selling off.


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It's strange, I definitely remember reading about the AVX requirement somewhere. But looking at the NI page for MassiveX, shows no mention of said requirement. Even the FAQ. For a product thats coming out this month, shouldn't it be at least mentioned somewhere prominently?


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Wait. What? I have a reflashed 2009 upgraded to 5,1 and 12 core Xeon. Am I out of luck?
Sinkd is sunk. :/ I have a Mac Pro 6.1 fully loaded I just bought a year ago, but it’s a Xeon, so no dice.

But between Serum, Diva, Repro, Omnisphere 2, Synthmaster, Chromophone, Ultra Analog, and a number of other synths with loads of 3rd party presets, I think I’m covered for a few decades Synth-wise. So thank you NI for making this an easy skip. ;)
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