NI Kontrol/Akai - building a track without looking at the screen?

Just wondering if anyone with experience of either the NI Kontrol or Akai Advance keyboards can tell me whether it's possible to build a basic arrangement without looking at the computer screen or touching the mouse at all. I'd really like to get back to hearing music rather than seeing it, a little like I could when I used to use workstations or tape multitracks... I'd be using Ableton BTW..


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Do not buy Akai Advance. I got the 61 model 2 years ago and the unit was defective from the beginning, when pressing C1 + D1, the C#1 was triggering also. But I was a fool and didn't claimed a warranty. Now, 2 years later, after very light usage the keys are severely failing.

I took my unit to an authorized service center and they told me that there are no spare parts for the membranes (which are defective) and that I have to wait 45 days for a new keybed to arrive and pay 310€ for the repairs... Of course, this is unacceptable...
So, I wrote to Akai about my disappointment for the quality of their product, but the Akai support is non existent. Really, they don't even reply to the support forms.

I will never buy anything again from Akai.


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I saw one at the local GC and the lights were all flashing dim and bright. The sales guy said something like "oh that always happens" and unplugged/plugged in the mains and it went away.. I was looking at other gear but returned by this unit and sure enough it was sick again.. Probably a one off defect but who knows..