NI / Galaxy Instruments / Nils Frahm -- NOIRE


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One of the dipstick for me for any new library is if it is done by developer who has long term experience with that kind of stuff. If an ambient and synth samples producer suddenly make big orchestration library I am worried. But the galaxy instruments were sampling pianos forever not just for NI but also sold through Best Service. Their galaxy II K4 Vienna is among my most favorite pianos. And the stuff done for NI has also great interface to boot!
I really like when a developer stays withing its zone and refine the craft not flip-flop around like some.


Thank you both Lode Runner and CGR... totally thrilled to read your comments as I'm really just starting out with music writing! :)

Up until now I've used the piano on the Korg Kronos and always liked it a lot, but the Noire piano has so many options and such a gorgeous sound. It can do bright and crispy concert grands but excels at darker... right up to soft, creaky, felt - it's so inspiring to play... and the particle engine (which I thought may be a bit gimmicky) is actually very deep. For the kind of soft, ambient, orchestral music that I'm trying to learn to write - it's a dream piano.


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Does anyone know how to mute the piano and just solo the mechanics or sub bass? This is possible on Una Corda, but I cant find this feature on Noire.