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NI, Ableton, Harrison and TH-U


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Ableton Live 11 Suite - £360
Includes Tricky Traps, Modulators and Spectral Textures

Harrison AVA
Multiband Compressor - £30
LegacyQ - £30
Mastering EQ - £30
You will get a coupon that will allow you to redeem one of these plugins

TH-U Funk & RnB - £40 (includes license transfer fee)

Soundtoys Tremolator 5 - £40 (includes ilok fee)

Native Instruments
Phasis - £20
TRK-01 Play - £20
Kinetic Metal - £45

I have lots of feedback, please check the feedback thread: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/search.php?keywords=Kongru&t=74467&sf=msgonly
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Nebula sold.

The U-he plugins will stay the same price after the NI sale ends
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