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NI _ 'Celebrate Piano Day' Promo -50% !! Aarrgghh _ NOIRE is Piano ?



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No surprise. Maybe just a bit of planning and note (Noire) with this brief Promo would be courteous, reasonable ?
Ha! What am I thinkin ……. :rolleyes:


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I'm kind of hoping it will be in the next Ultimate update. And then I will probably wait until it goes on sale. Like I always do.
I'm predicting 50% off K13U upgrades won't be til June 2021. I don't think I can wait that long. Does anyone know how often NI do 50% off individual library sales and how long I might be waiting before Noire is included?


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Generally, they have 2 sales a year. Summer of sound around June and black Friday. These aren't always the same things. The upgrade/ crossgrade sale is usually in June. The rest of the year, sales vary. They've been doing a lot like this Output sale in just the last year or so.

So maybe next Black Friday? Then again, it might not be until 2020. Of course, because I said this, they will want to prove me wrong and it either will go on sale this BF or not go on sale for years. And Piano Day may catch on, so it could be next year.

Yeah, I have no idea.


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I heard the piano and could not wait. And I am glad I did not. Inspiring sounds out of the box. It is a really fun tool to work with and Noire will likely be a staple moving forward.
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