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Discussion in 'SAMPLE Talk' started by mfny, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. mfny

    mfny Member

    Dec 5, 2018
    Hi all,

    Fairly new to music production. Looking at buying one of those "Epic" Heavy orchestral library's.

    Looking for something that is "playable" even for a newbie, and that maybe has starters/loops to help get the party started so to speak.

    Have been eyeing up Albion III Iceni(at its current discount price £279) so far so that should give you an idea of where I think I need to go..
  2. ScoreFace

    ScoreFace Senior Member

    Nov 21, 2018
    Hey mfny,

    there are a lot of good orchestral starter libs on the market. OT's Berlin Inspire is more for the classical approach, OT's Metropolis Ark is in the "epic orchestral" style that you wish, great stuff.

    Symphobia still sounds great and big, they have big orchestral textures that makes it easy to sketch.

    Sonuscore's The Orchestra could do the job as well for you, they have a huge epic sound with their Multi nkis and as far as I know they have the most advanced starters/loops, tons of presets with full orchestra loops and arrangements.

    These are only the libs that I personally know (I don't have Albion), but there are a lot more on the Market that could be interesting for you.
  3. OP

    mfny Member

    Dec 5, 2018
    The Orchestra and Symphobia are to much for me budget wise.

    So this leaves Ark 1 and Albion III in the running..
  4. MartinH.

    MartinH. Senior Member

    Jun 16, 2018
    Maybe take a look at this one too:

    I don't own it, but it looks like an excellent affordable full orchestra to plug any holes that Ark 1 leaves.
  5. James Marshall

    James Marshall Senior Memer

    Apr 26, 2017
    You're enquiring about this at exactly the right time. Both of Orchestral Tools Metropolis Arks are on a very rare sale right now, they've never been this affordable before, and may not be for a while.

    If you could stretch to buy "Metropolis Ark Collection", you'd be very well equipped for "Epic" orchestral composition, but you'd have the softer side of things too. Also bear in mind that Albion III Iceni is focused on just low-end.
  6. HelixK

    HelixK Senior Member

    Nov 10, 2018
    "epic heavy orchestral library" look no further:

    Jaeger does the bombastic epic modern sound straight out of the box and it's so epic that it doesn't even have woodwinds :faint:

    Orchestral Tools Ark 1 is worth a look at the current discounted price. It also does big and bold but it offers more flexibility and has an oldschool tone to it.

    Jaeger was $449 during Black Friday and Ark 1 is €275 now.

    Welcome :)
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  7. OP

    mfny Member

    Dec 5, 2018
    Jaeger looks awesome, but is way to much.
  8. ScoreFace

    ScoreFace Senior Member

    Nov 21, 2018
    If TO and Symphobia is too much for you budgetwise, I would get Metropolis Ark then, it sounds really great and €275 is really good value for money;)
  9. OP

    mfny Member

    Dec 5, 2018
    So ive been looking around and the lack of actual demo versions of this stuff is a bit of an issue, I got burnt badly buying an 8Dio library a while back I thought was going to work for me but it did not.

    So far the only demos ive been able to actuly have for high end library's have been for Eduardo Tarilonte's library's via Best Services Try Sound/DAW Connect thing. A bit laggy yes but enough that I feel if I bought one of those library's id be doing so knowing what I am getting for sure. And in the case of Celtic Era and the Persia one in particular they would be very useable for me..
  10. Joakim

    Joakim Member

    Nov 6, 2017
    I suggest you watch someone like Dirk or Daniel to see an in depth look about the libraries you are interested in and how they are used.

  11. JPQ

    JPQ Senior Member

    Jul 31, 2010
    thanks for ttp i feel brass osmething hat vsl lacks. which is my worst area...
  12. OP

    mfny Member

    Dec 5, 2018
    Well I think I may have found what I am looking for, Phrase based orchestral stuff.

    Phrase based because my keyboard ability's are basic at best, which I should have mentioned before.

    Anyone else here used the Sonokinetic stuff ?
  13. ScoreFace

    ScoreFace Senior Member

    Nov 21, 2018
    I have Sonokinetics Minimal, which is very similar, and I use it from time to time. It sounds nice but it is not very flexible, I have to say. I would love additional single articulations to combine the phrases with.
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  14. Mister Jös

    Mister Jös Member

    Nov 16, 2018
    Could you elaborate on that? I thought Jaeger would be more flexible because it has less room, doesn't has a limited dynamic range, isn't designed to have a "dark" tone and offers individual sections. I'm tempted by the Ark-deal, so an answer would be very helpful :)
  15. jbuhler

    jbuhler Senior Member

    Jun 19, 2016
    Sonusonic’s The Orchestra will give you more flexibility in patterning. The sound of the Orchestra isn’t the best though. The Sonokinetic stuff is great but each library is very limited and you really need other orchestral libraries to make it work. The current deal on Arks 1&2 is fabulous, but these libraries lack upper woodwinds (not usually a problem for epic sound). Albion One is good too. Iceni is good for what it is but it’s much more a niche library than the Arks or Albion One.
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  16. Sopranos

    Sopranos Senior Member

    Jul 22, 2010
    The Orchestra is way better and more useful IMO. The Sonokinetic stuff (I have most of it) is computer intensive (it's a mess in Logic with cracks and pops on playback even at high buffer, etc). Also, in most cases you have to play triad chords to get any sound.

    You really should save for The Orchestra. It gives you individual instruments as well as the phrase stuff. I think it's decent sounding as well.
  17. averystemmler

    averystemmler Senior Member

    Sep 22, 2017
    I think the folks at Sonokinetic are great, and the phrase-based products fill a need, but I don't think I'd recommend them for what you're trying to do. I think you'll find yourself very limited if you don't have another traditional library to fall back on.

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