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New Youtube Series where I Orchestrate using StaffPad/Studio One

Nathan Allen Pinard

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Hey everyone!

So I decided, just to see how it would work, to post my sessions with writing music. In this case I'm writing for an OC Remix project and completely re-orchestrating a video game theme. I've always known about OC Remix and always wanted to do something like this.

I have 6 episodes so far. This is sort of a trial and error thing and I've come to the realization that edits are needed, so my latest episode #6 is only 20 min long. The other videos clock out at 50min+

I'm using StaffPad in this for writing all the orchestration, and when I get to the end of notation I'm moving into Studio One Pro 3 using all the main VIs from East West, VSL, 8Dio, Cinebrass and more.

Here is the latest episode:
Most of you that have experience wont' need this video, however those that are wanting to get started in music may find value in this video series. I've already decided I'm seeing this to the end regardless.
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