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New York Times reviews surge protectors


Bill Kastanakis
I have a Furman CN-3600 in my list to buy for the studio for ages. Hard to get excited about his specific piece of equipment, even if it's probably the most important one.


Oh, this is timely :thumbsup: Two days ago I lost a screen due to a weird power surge...
I'd recommend an UPS with power conditioning. It will protect during dips as well as surges. I have a 1500VA UPS for both my gaming rig and my workstation, one by APC and the other by Cyberpower - the power here isn't very good. I would definately recommend going that route if power has damaged your equipment just to play it safe.

edit- I put W instead of VA.


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Like @Judd I also use APC UPS for my studio.

I haven't added UPS, however, to the living room viewing, where I have one of the Sennheiser soundbars, that sounds great. I'm replacing the somewhat low budget surge protectors there with one recommended by the NYT article.
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Nick Batzdorf

My UPS failed and - I'm pretty sure this is how it happened, anyway - took out my 30" Cinema Display's power supply along with the Gefen box that extends the DVI-D signal.

So I took it our of the equation and don't have a UPS right now.

What I did get recently, and still need to connect, is a Gosund "smart" outlet that will let me turn on my studio without getting my ass out of my chair. It works with Alexa, etc.

But I'll still have my isolation transformer box plugged into it.


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TrippLite does make reliable, cheap surge protectors. We use a pair coming off of a SurgeX SR115 to cover tons of gear and monitoring cabs.

For high end UPS/Surge Protection combo w/ Remote it doesn’t get much better than SurgeX.

I’ve had 100% success with my SR115 for 26 years. Heavy ass 1U unit with outlets that have 24/7 use, while the other outlets can be powered down. Probably built to run a rack of servers, but very useful.



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Tripp Lite TLP1208TELTV 12 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip​

remains in Amazon Cart (Saved for Later). Solid 'next' choice when needed.
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