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New Nonprofit Supporting Composers With Disabilities


Able Artist Foundation: www.ableartist.org

AAF is a new nonprofit in the United States created by me, Stephen Letnes, and I think it can be of service to many people who belong to this forum.

Who is it for and what do you do?

AAF supports people with disabilities on government assistance (SSI/SSDI-in the US. We'll be expanding to other countries in the future). We do this with two programs: 1. an artist development series of courses (currently local to Minnesota) and 2. Our members (you register with us), with the incredible generous support of our corporate partners, receive 50% discounts on ALL products and services. No waiting for sales. No "hurry up and buy now!" statements. Through AAF, companies are providing consistent lower price points for low-income individuals.

So far (and with many more vendors registering), these companies include: Cinesamples, Orange Tree Samples, Realitone, Audible Genius, Impact Soundworks, Sound Dust and a registration/copyrighting company called Write Vault. Everything is half-off. Period.


Because as a composer who is blind (visually impaired) who was on government assistance when I began in the industry, it was a challenge to acquire professional tools to compete. In short, I want to help people "like me". People with disabilities have more and different challenges than most and I want to help to level the playing field for them. Our members get killer deals, but as we all know, we all have to put in the hard work to make something of ourselves. AAF will simply lessen some of these challenges.

Call To Action For Composers And Companies:
If you'd like to receive discounts on software, sample libraries, educational resources, become a member. "How do I become a member?" If you are on USA's SSI or SSDI, you go to our website, www.ableartist.org , register with us, go through our email confirmation process and then UPLOAD a file that contains a copy of your CURRENT federal award letter AND your CURRENT state I.D.. We make sure you're you and you're in.

Companies: you can become vendors, too, but here's the deal: we only accept vendors who agree to provide 50% off on ALL products and services. No exceptions. This includes new products and bundles. Apply at our website.

For inquiries, email: [email protected]


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Great initiative Stephen and signed up here as vendor and I hope it gets a lot of support and that it will help those who need it. I can only say that I admire your strength and great to see on how many projects you have worked and wonderful music to listen to.
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