New Korg Wavestate hardware synth


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799.00 USD. My biggest regret was selling my original Wavestation. It was/is such an integral part of my sound. I’m beyond excited. The only thing I don’t like is that there’s no aftertouch.


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Love the sound, it will be even better when I disable the FX and use mine.
Pre Ordered From Sweetwater.

They’ll release a desktop version probably in a year but I’m not waiting.
I’ll chop mine and automate it from the Physis K4.

The samples sound good but I’ll likely use my arsenal of instruments and keep the 4 Layers for Wavetable.

Korg has an impressive list of instruments this year.
The ARP 2600 is the best sounding clone to date to my ears.
It really has the beef and the presence.

CES and NAMM both had great shows this year.


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The wavestation is probably my favourite synth of all time. I got to play the Wavestate at NAMM on Thursday. Definitely a must have for me although I may wait to see if they release a desktop model.

Wes Antczak

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I still have my original Wavestation in the studio, even though I've been mainly using the plugin version these days. I always wished that I had upgraded to the EX option when that became available (I think the part itself was only about $60).

It also needs to have a new backlight put in.

The Wavestate seems great! I'm sure there will be a desktop version at some point, though I would (will?) probably just go with the keyboard version. It does seem a shame that there is no aftertouch. Well, I guess at least the keys are FS.


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But it receives AFT.
I’m hacking off the underneath tray and disconnecting the cheeseboard.
They’re going to release a DTop version but why wait?

Kronos users are already asking.
Most KRONOS guys are pretty MIDI Savvy and already use external kit to add what KRONOS might lack, if any.

Im really looking forward to this.
Im cloned out, even though that new 2600 Korg has is impressive.D027F3DD-94FA-4018-BF09-0950BE5418FC.jpeg


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Curious if you guys would prefer a rackmount version over a desktop? Seems like the desktop is supplanting the rackmount versions of yesteryear. I might like a nice rackable unit. Unless the desktop can be turned into a 4 unit rackmount. Maybe I've been too many years out of hardware game.


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I like racks, but these days they’re so small I just find space and use it more efficiently.

Hammond B3 Module, SE-02, and QWERTY all fit nicely with the other rack gear.



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After I hack it there‘s the Soft bag for the German made MP5 automatic used by SWAT guys that’s a perfect fit.
Load into gigs with my Keyboard stand (looks like a 50 cal. Rifle) and this. Most cats are thinking he must carry a couple pistols too, leave his car alone.