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New HISSandaROAR Sound FX Libraries released


Sound designer, Composer, Sound library developer

I've been collecting small sound-emitting props and musical instruments for decades,
so my creative restraint for this library was to only record props small enough to fit in a suitcase.
The result is an eclectic collection of fresh sounds, like a magicians case full of sounds…

check out SD027 SMALL PROPS | HISS and a ROAR


Our first single-prop mini sound library is not so mini!
a Komatsu HD465 100 Ton 1,200 Horsepower Dump Truck
Exterior starts & away, slow passbys, up & stops, slow moves & lots of passbys recorded
on open road and at an intersection. Very heavy machinery FTW!

check out FX001 DUMP TRUCKS | HISS and a ROAR

just for scale:


NOTE: early bird discount on both expires June 18th!

ALSO NOTE: these libraries are primarily recorded and prepared for Film/TV and Game Audio sound designers, so they are delivered as a collection of .WAV files with embedded metadata for use in sound library apps such as SoundMiner, Basehead etc. They are not virtual instruments, there is no Kontakt instrument etc...
Of course some of our sounds are used by composers & musicians (eg Tortured Piano) but we are developing a sister site at FoundSound.com which will be a unique take on virtual instruments for Kontakt and UVI, eta TBC
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