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New Bechstein Pianoteq


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Who bought it already? I know that we can try it but I find the demo limitation too painful.
Any thoughts about it?


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I just bought it and the grotrian (they're doing a buy bechstein, get another instrument 50% off) and I have to say, so far after about 20 mins playing it might be my favorite Pianoteq piano. it's really fantastic


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Got the Pianoteq Bechstein as well as the original Bechstein Digital Grand for Kontakt Player. Both absolutely wonderful.


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Different indeed, as in modeled against sampled. That’s exactly the reason why I love them both. Don’t know of any other Kontakt library modeled by Pianoteq. So here you’ve got a meticulously sampled instrument meticulously modeled. Best of both worlds ... if you get both. Switching between them is an experience I wouldn’t want to miss.


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This is an excellent new release from Modartt! I'm quite frankly surprised how good this sounds and plays in view of it being a physical model of the Bechstein Digital Grand originally derived from a C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand. It's a bit "plingy" in the highest 1 1/2 octave, but that could be what the original sounds like.

Added: I'm not really sure how you physically model a kontakt instrument, so maybe it's really that the Pianoteq model is based the recordings in the kontakt instrument. It has a wonderfully evolving tone. "Singing" might be a good way to describe it.


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My only critique of it is it’s a little synthetic in the highest register
It's a bit "plingy" in the highest 1 1/2 octave, but that could be what the original sounds like.
That was my impression too - the top register has a sustaining celeste-like 'ting' which stuck out as a little odd. It's been decades since I last played a Bechstein (at school in the '80s!) so I don't know whether this is a characteristic.

I bought it anyway - the mid range is glorious, rich and airy and has a very different character to the Steinways. Very playable - I lost about 4 hours yesterday totally immersed in it!


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"Plingy" is indeed a very good characterization of Bechstein's sound in the highest octaves... That's how they are.
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