[NEW] BBO: L & M goes STRINGS: High and Low Strings Sections for € 65 each


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It's time for more Big Bang Orchestra, and this time it's all about strings:
The articulation list is similar to the last BBO installments, containing Bold and Agile Shorts, Sustained with light and strong vibrato, espressivo, real legatos, different dynamics, tremolo, trills, fast repetitions, glissandos minor/major up/down, pizzicto.

Easy to use with a beautiful sound, you will enjoy working with these libraries. As always with many mic-positions and mixer presets included, so you can start quickly and customize the sound with your own mix.

And here is the best part: You get these installments for €65 each (introductory prices, regular: € 95)

Listen to the demos!
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Sounds great! Love those videos done in that way! Will be' interesting to hear what combos they do for WW's! How about an à4 Contrebassons?


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Is Big Bang suitable only for "Big Bang" orchestration or can it achieve some more subtle tone as well?
Yes, it can. We recorded multiple velocity layer, even the very soft ones.
Try it out yourself: get the free BBO and the Brass Packs 30 days demo from the product sites. I think you will be impressed!


From what I can hear, the €190 Lyra and Musca bundle sounds MUCH fuller and realistic than the €1100 full Synchron Strings I (let's compare products with the same amount of mic positions). They also come with true sforzato, glissando, proper swells, while none of them can be found in the latter.

As far as I'm concerned, SS1's only actual advantage is the access to separate sections, which in my opinion doesn't justify such a huge price gap at all.

As it stands, I don't see myself staying much longer on board the Synchron train if the cheaper "simplified" BBO installments end up better sounding and easier to use than their "more professional", much more expensive counterparts.

We're still waiting for dedicated MIDI loops for Synchron Percussion, when BBO Dorado was released with loads of them. This is becoming silly...


Let's see, then. Many of us have long been asking for a decent Synchron Strings I overhaul. This new installment feels like VSL have learnt what needed to be done when sampling live strings. In all honesty, the Lyra and Musca release not coming along with a substantial update to SS1 leaves a bitter taste.

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@Salorom Don't worry, we are still working on Synchron Libraries as well! Stay tuned, we have some interesting news soon :)
Great :) Its always a good feeling when more expensive libraries still get Updates over years. Makes them feel much more worth a good decision and feels thankful from the developers side for buying their stuff 🥰


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Lyra and Musca sound the way I hoped Synchron Strings would sound. Wish I'd spent the money on these instead.
Maybe VSL will re-do Synchron Strings to sound like Lyra and Musca then all of us that were unhappy with Synchron Strings I will be very happy. I think VSL should value the feedback here, since they seem to capture the right sound of strings that many like when they produced Lyra and Musca, So, it should be easy to re-apply this formula to Synchron Strings I.

VSL has a lot more experience now than when they recorded Synchron String I, which was their first Synchron Library.