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Never miss another promotion!


the plumber
Lately I found myself missing on a promotion I would have jumped on. I wondered how I missed that, usually I get emails from developers I purchased from in the past.

I INVESTIGATED: how can I NOT miss Commercial Announcements ever again? So here is what I found: you can select to WATCH a forum, AND receive EMAIL notifications when a new thread is started.

1- Go to the forum you want email notifications from when a new thread is started (Commercial Announcements in my case).

2- Then select WATCH FORUM (if you already watch that forum, just select "Unwatch Forum" for now, save it, and then reselect it again right away. This will give you the options you need to edit).

3- Under "Send notifications via," check the box Emails.

4- Save this by clicking the red button "Watch Forum."

From now on, every time a new Commercial Announcement thread is created, you will receive an email from Vi-Control letting you know.

How cool is that!!! :D

It is fairly simple to do, so let me show you how through this short little screen video of the procedure:

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