NEO - still digging it?

Mike Fox

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There was a ton of talk when NEO was first released, but now I hardly see people mentioning it. Just wondering how you guys are still liking it. Is it a "must have"?


Feeding the Trolls
I still like it a lot. For me it’s the chamber version of Albion V Tundra. Sweetest non-epic strings ever. And that harmonium brings fond memories of Supertramp’s ‘Breakfast in America’, ‘A Soapbox Opera’, ‘It’s Raining Again’, ‘Two of Us’, ‘The Logical Song’, and even ‘Fool’s Overture’.

Geoff Grace

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Christian confirms a little over five minutes into the video below that Neo is Albion 2's replacement:

As to whether or not it's better, I can't say because I don't own either product; but I do like the Neo demos better and will probably buy it once it drops to 40% off.




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I use it all the time. Among other things it works really well for doing quick theater/salon style arrangements.

is Neo better than Loegria? Overall, I think it’s more coherent as a library. And it is versatile, extending Albion One in one way but also Tundra in another. The close mics of Neo have less of Air in them. In general Loegria strings are a different take at a similar idea and for some things the Loegria strings are better. For other things Neo’s are better. And for other things still they are both excellent. I’m still expecting to see the Loegria strings repackaged as a standalone library.

Fever Phoenix

yes, it's true, I can tap dance.
I use the strings a lot when I have to work fast or draw a sketch, came to really appreciate the sound and fast results for me

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The most important question is: how much do you like bacon?

Kidding aside, I got neo when it was released and never regretted it. It's beautiful and useful.


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I still havent forgiven Spitfire for ending Albion 2, not fixing those instruments that were not in tune, and throwing out this NEO instead, with a price tag.

Or am I incorrect? Wasnt this the library that replaced Albion 2. Lets say it one more time They never fixed Albion 2. I paid around 400 EUR for it, one of those impulsive beginner buys.

Dan Light

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I spent some time with it and frankly really didn't like the strings. They sound fake to me and I couldn't coax anything inspiring out of them. However, I'm a big fan of the synth and warped patches. Some really fantastic sounds there.