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Need to find particular soundfx


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I'm looking for soundfx or foleys that sounds like something that passes by the camera very fast (sorry my english). Like when the camera follows a car that goes very fast and non-moving objects passes by the camera. Hope you understand what I mean.

Do you know what are the go-to soundfx group for that particular sounds? I've been searching swish and whoosh and they all sound are very unnatural. So I need a "search word" that can help me find a similar sound.

Thank you very much!


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"Whoosh" tend to be stylised and processed, as you say not natural - more useful for transitions... I've always considered a "SWISH" to be a natural passby, but even that is going to vary depending who is using the term. "Passby" would be another useful search term.

That Waves Doppler plugin @Saxer posted is useful to 'dopplerise' any sounds, and you can vary the speed of the passby.... The only bug I have with it, is that it tends to gltich at the end of the pass, or cycle and repeat, but if you set the 'away' part as longer (eg 10 seconds) then you get the tail cleanly... And Waves Doppler plugin is cheap on its own and an essential tool for any sound designer.

FWIW My two SWISH libraries are unprocessed recordings of real objects passing microphone...
There are soundcloud previews and video of each, some may need to be slowed/pitched down to match speed of object passing by... Combined with doppler processing of sound FX should get you there (eg a tree passby could involve a slowed down swish with doppler processed leaf rustles etc)
Or do you mean more complex sounds, such as the rhythmic repeating swish sound of passing a fence with posts every few metres? In summer I love the sound of doppler cicadas, driving with the windows down & pass a bush full of loud cicadas...

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