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Paul Grymaud

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Hi Folks ! How are You doing ?
I'm a bluegrass banjo player (and lyrical singer, lolly lol !) but from time to time I compose other kind of music. Now, I don't want You to waste Your precious time but, if possible, could You give me counsels or tricks about the mix ? Unfortunately, I live in a small flat and therefore I have a little space to work so I'm obliged to use headphones (Beyer DT770 PRO). My question is : do You think it sounds correct ('specially the mix) on Your system or is it not good ? And, does the instruments sound good or not ? How can I improve the whole stuff ? Many thanks for listening. I work under CUBASE 6 and I use the reverb IR1



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Hi Paul, nice track... i would shorten it.....lots more to address in longer on the first minute...create more space in the intro likewise it will be easier to mix.....i made quicker progress working on much shorter pieces of music and looking at the correct articulations.....leave some space between the notes....anticipation etc....anyway hope this helps :)