Need Advice from Cubase 10 Pro Users Regarding Training


1967 Bizzarini GT 5300 Strada
As much as I love Studio One, the lack of true multicore makes it impossible to use for heavy VI work. The VSL Steinway patch alone chokes it for pete's sake because it hangs on the first thread then jumps to 2 when the first is maxed out. PreSonus called this Enhanced Multicore Support in an update. Seriously. It's a great DAW for EDM and rock bands and singer-songwriter stuff, but not for VI big leagues. I didn't build a rig with 14 cores to only use the front door.

ANYWAY, yesterday I did the crossgrade to Cubase 10 Pro. Since I'm new(ish) at this I'd rather start off in a better DAW that can handle it all. I have a Groove3 subscription so there's a ton of training I can do, but here is my question: if someone asked me the best way to learn Studio One Pro 4, I'd highly suggest ingesting all the version 3 tutorials, because that was a new platform over 2 and all the training stuff covers it all. Version 4 is enhancements galore, but training usually focuses on just that. Is that the same story with Cubase? Should I bother going through v9 and v9.5 training and then on to 10 for new features? Is v9 still evident with v10 stuff added in, or is 10 so different that I should just start there and not look back?